flavor maca-trim

1) Is MACA-TRIM for men and women?

Yes, MACA-TRIM is a great source of energy for both men and women, boosting stamina and vitality. Drinking MACA-TRIM before and during sport or intense activity can help increase endurance and strength. Because of its hormone regulating properties, women will benefit from improved cycle regularity and balance.

2) When is the best time to take MACA-TRIM?

Taken first thing in the morning, MACA-TRIM will help curb appetite and aid in weight management. Used by Peruvians for centuries, maca root is gaining in popularity for its holistic and natural improvement in energy and drive throughout the day.

MACA-TRIM is also a great pre-workout supplement, augmenting focus and vigor. Made from the root of the maca plant with no chemical additives, MACA-TRIM helps promote a natural gain in muscle strength, free from adverse drug test results.

3) Where can I buy Maca-Trim?

MACA-TRIM can be purchased at www.macatrim.com and in select supplement stores and natural products retailers. If you do not see MACA-TRIM in your local nutritional store, be sure to ask for it!

4) Can I use MACA-TRIM as a food replacement?

We do not suggest using MACA-TRIM as a food replacement. We do, however, recommend the pure and organic choice of MACA-TRIM along with a well-balanced program of diet and exercise.

5) Does MACA-TRIM contain sugar?

MACA-TRIM does not contain any sugar. We use the newest product on the market, Truvia, an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener derived from a purified form of select parts of the stevia plant (Rebina). The calorie-free sweet taste of MACA-TRIM will not affect blood sugar levels, making it a good choice for diabetics and those on a diet.

6) Does MACA-TRIM contain caffeine?

No, MACA-TRIM does not contain any added caffeine. Energy and focus improvement comes from select natural ingredients and the amazing innate array of maca root organic phytochemicals and nutrients, which enhance and balance your body without the caffeine and jitteriness of other drinks.

7) How often can I take MACA-TRIM?

With its many health-enhancing properties, MACA-TRIM is considered safe and non-toxic. Drink MACA-TRIM once a day or whenever you need energy support.

8) Does MACA-TRIM makes me crash?

No, MACA-TRIM will not make you crash. MACA-TRIM helps regulate insulin levels due to its natural hormone and endocrine regulating attributes, harmonizing metabolism, along with attitude and energy levels.

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